Nagarhole National Park Complete Guide -

Nagarhole National Park Complete Guide

Nagarhole National Park is one of most popular and amazing National Parks in India. If you visited this website to know about Nagarhole National Park, then feel happy! Because in this website, you are going to know all things related to the Nagarhole Park.

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Firstly, we will know about the significance of Nagarhole National Park and its location.

 Location & Significance

Nagarhole National Park is also called as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, which is located in the boundaries of Kodagu district and Mysore district. These two districts are located in the Karnataka State, India.

This Park lies between the latitude of 12°15’37.69″N and longitude of  76°17’34.4″E, spreading towards Kerala state. This park has an area of 643 Square kilometres, located to the north-west of Bandipur National Park.

Nagarhole National Park Entry Fee

This National Park, which is the part of ‘Nilagiri Biosphere Reserve’, has been selected as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO World Heritage Community. This park is having a very good animal reserve surrounded by Beautiful Waterfalls, Hills, Streams and Valleys.

Lakshmana, Teentha and Kabini are the three rivers which flow in the vicinity of Nagarhole National  Park. Kabini River separates this park from Bandipur National Park.

Story behind the name ‘Nagarhole’

Languages like Kannada, Telugu are derived from India’s ancient language ‘ Sanskrit ‘. According to these languages, the word ‘Naga’ means snake and the prefix ‘Hole’ means streams. This park is considered as the exclusive Hunting Reserve of Wadiyar dynasty.

The Wadiyar Dynasty ( also called as Wodeyer/Ode-yer ) had ruled the Mysore State from the year 1399 to 1950. After their ruling, in the year 1955, this park is turned into a Wildlife Sanctuary, which in turn recognized as a National Park in the year 1988.

As this park is having a wide array of wildlife, after 10 years in the year 1999, this park was marked as a “Tiger Reserve“. Moreover, Karnataka has been declared as the No.1 Tiger Reserve in Country.

Nagarhole National Park Tiger Reserve details

Wildlife in Nagarhole Park

There are numerous types of wildlife in this park. Some of them are tigers, leopards, Spotted deer, sloth bears, wild dogs, Samar deer, wild boars barking deer, four-horned antelopes and elephants.

Mammals – Tiger, Leopard, Asiatic Wild dog, Sloth bear, Hyena, Jackal, Elephant, Spotted deer, Samar, Slender loris Four-horned antelope, Gaur (Indian Bison), Common languor, Porcupine Bonnet macaque Jungle cat, Civet cat, Mongoose, Giant flying squirrel, Giant Squirrel and Wild boar.

Birds – Racket Tailed Drongo, Stork Billed, Common Peafowl, Grey Jungle Fowl, Pied and the Common Kingfishers, variety of Woodpeckers, Malabar Trogon, Blyth’s Baza, Crested Serpent Eagles, River Terns, Ducks, Honey Buzzards, Black-headed Cuckoo Shrikes, various species of Barbets, Owls, Cuckoos, Flycatchers, Teals, Waders, Peregrine, Scarlet Minivets, Herons, Painted Stork and Ibis.

Nagarhole National Park Wild Life

Elephants on the land and ducks in the water are most frequently spotted by visitors.

Climate – In Summer Seasons, the temperature will be around 30-34 degree Celsius and in Winter, the temperature drops to 13-15 degree Celsius. There are 47 streams, 41 artificial tanks and 4 tiny lakes in this park. The Annual Rainfall is around 1.4 Mm.

How to reach Nagarhole National Park?


Air – The nearest city, as well as the nearest Airport, is Mysore Airport, which almost 96 Kilometers away from this park. The second nearest Airport is Bangalore’s International Airport, located in Bangalore which is 268 Kilometers away from the park.

If you are a foreigner, then the probability of getting a flight to your city is more in Bangalore Airport compared to Mysore Airport, as all international flights are driven from Bangalore International Airport.

Train – The nearest railway station from Nagarhole is Mysore Railway Station. From there, you can get a rental car/bus and get on your way to Nagarhole Park.

Road – There are well-laid roads from three cities Madikeri ( 93 KM away ), Mysore ( 96 KM away ) and Bangalore ( 236 KM away ) to Nagarhole National Park.

On the road from any of those three cities to this park, you will enjoy beautiful sceneries all around.

Entry Fee & Timings :

The usual timings of the park are 6:45–8:45AM and 4.00–6.00PM. Safari Timings are 6.00 AM to 8.00 AM in the Morning and 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM in the Evening.

Entry Fee will be around 250 Rupees which varies from time to time.

Nagarhole National Park Entry and Safari Fee
Entry/Safari Fee Varies from time to time

Nagarhole National Park TImings

“We have written another article about Nagarhole National Park Entry Fee and Timings (click to read)

Where to stay?

There are various Lodges, Doctrinaires and Resorts available in/near Nagarhole National Park, where you can stay and enjoy your days.

Under the division of Nagarhole WL Hunsur, there are five forest rest houses.

They are –

  1. Gangothri – Nagarhole
  2. Kaveri – Nagarhole
  3. Cottage – Nagarhole
  4. Kallahalla
  5. Balekavu
  • Gangothri – Nagarhole

Gangothri –  Nagarhole is forest rest house, construction took place in the year 1972. There are four rooms (suites) available here with facilities like Water and electricity.

The distance from the District Head Quarters to this Rest House is 110 KM and to reach this, you need to come in Moorkal Route.

For securing Accommodation, you need to get permission from Chief Conservator of Forests, WL Preservation, Bangalore.

Gangothri Nagarhole Forest Rest House in park

  • Kaveri – Nagarhole

Kaveri – Nagarhole is another forest rest house and the construction happened in the same year 1972. There are two rooms (suites) available with water and electricity facilities. The location of this Rest House is very near to Gangothri Rest House.

Kaveri Nagarhole Guest Rest House

  • Cottage – Nagarhole

This was established in the year 1989, there are almost 10 rooms in this cottage with water & electricity facilities. The location of this cottage is near  Kaveri – Nagarhole.

To get accommodation in this Rest Room, you need to get permissions from Conservator of Forests (Wildlife), Bangalore, Deputy Conservator of Forests (Wildlife), Mysore, Range Forest Officer, Nagarhole.

Huts Nagarhole Forest Rest house in Nagarhole National Park

  • Kallahalla
Kallahalla Forest Rest House was founded in the year 1924 and there are two rooms in this rest house.
They provide water but there is no electricity. District Head Quarters has located 95 KM away towards the south-east.
You need to pass through Hunsur-Moorkal-Kallahalla route to reach this Rest House.
To stay here, you need to get permission from Deputy Conservator of Forests, Hunsur and Asst. Conservator of Forests, Thithimati.
KallaHalla Forest Rest House in Nagarhole National Park
  • Belekavu ( Belikov )

The establishment of Belekavu was in the year 1982 with two rooms. There are water and electricity facilities and the location is near Kaveri Rest House.

To stay here, you need to get permission from Deputy Conservator of Forests, Hunsur and Asst. Conservator of Forests, Thithimati.

Balekove Forest Rest House Nagarhole National Park

Procedure to Book a Room in Nagarhole Forest Guest House –

Nagarhole Forest Guest House is a Government’s Guest House. They are not providing any Online booking facilities till date. If you want to reserve a room in Nagarhole Forest Guest House, follow these steps –

  1. Call this Number (+918212480901) and kindly ask them whether rooms are available or not. They may ask details like Number of persons, Date of Arrival etc
  2. If the rooms are available, then they will tell you about that. Rooms are usually booked three weeks before.
  3. For a Single Night Stay, it costs around Rs.1600/- per Couple.
  4. If the availability is confirmed, write a letter to Forest Department Officials.

Sample Email Template –


To: Apccf, Project Tiger, Aranya Bhavan, Ashok Puram Mysore

Regarding: Nagarhole Govt Lodging

Date: 04-10-2017

Respected Sir,

We want to book  a room in the Nagarhole National Park governmnet lodge on 7-11-2017 and 8-11-2017, seeking accomodation for  2 Adults and 2 children of ages 12,14.

Please let us know about the Cost and Payment Details


Akhil Sarikonda

My Mobile Number.


My Advice – Booking a Room in Private Lodges/Resorts is much easier and Comfortable than trying for Reservation in Nagarhole Govt.Guest House. ( Click Here to Know more & Book a Room in the Best Resort )

Best resorts near Nagarhole park

The above-mentioned Rest Houses doesn’t offer you all the comforts and facilities. They only offer you minimum necessities like water and electricity.

If you really want to enjoy your time with good comforts and delicious food, then booking a room in a nearby resort is the best option.

It all depends upon the quality over quantity, here we listed ‘Five Best Resorts near Nagarhole National Park‘.

They are –

  1. The Kings Sanctuary Jungle Resort
  2. Orange County Resorts
  3. Kaav Safari Lodge Kabini
  4. Machaan Nagarhole
  5. Kabini River Lodge

All the above-mentioned Resorts/Lodges are Hand-picked and are of great quality in terms of both Comfort and Customer Satisfaction.

They are almost near to Nagarhole National Park among which Kaav Safari Lodge is the closest one which is 3.5 Kilometres away from Nagarhole National Park.

Kaav Safari Lodge Nagarhole
Kaav Safari Lodge

“We made a detailed guide about the Resorts near Nagarhole Park, (click to read)

Nagarhole National Park Attractions –

So, now you know all the essential things like ‘How to reach the park’, ‘where to stay’, ‘entrance fee’ and other details about the park. Now you are going to know about the Backbone of the park i.e ‘Attractions of Nagarhole National Park’.

The main attractions include Sightseeing, Safaris and Boat Rides.

Safari in Nagarhole park

When we talk about Attractions, we shouldn’t forget to discuss Safaris.

Update – Very Unfortunately, Jeep safari on a day visit has been cancelled since beginning of 2016  but you can get almost a similar experience with a canter [26-seater mini bus] Safari at the Damankatte Gate of Kabini. There is no online booking facility, you need to pay just few minutes before safari.

This Park conducts Road safaris and Boat Safaris which are very popular and worth riding. They conduct safaris two times a day. The timings are 6.30 to 8.30 AM and 3.30 to 5.30 PM.

Safaris usually last for one hour and the cost is around 400 Rupees per Individual and for Foreigners, it is around Rs.1200/- ( which includes entry fee ).

They conduct Boat Safaris near Kabini River Lodge and Coracle Boat riding facility is also available.

Nagarhole National Park Safari

We made another article about Safaris in Nagarhole National Park ( Click to Read).

Nearest Attractions

Some of the nearest attractions from Nagarhole National Park are Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Irupu Falls, Wayanad (Kalpetta), Coorg (Madikeri) and Mysore Palace.

All these places are very near to Nagarhole National Park and you should not miss visiting them.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is in Wayanad District of Kerala which is 12.25 Kilometres away from the Park. Not only Sanctuary but also an Elephant Reserve, which is an integral part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary near nagarhole national par
Tiger in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Evergreen Pastures and Teak Forests covers half part of this Sanctuary. The sanctuary has various types of birds like Babblers, Cuckoos, Peacocks, Owls, Jungle Fowls and Woodpeckers.

Irupu Falls

Irupu Falls, also known as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls is 20 Kilometres away from the Park, whic is situated in between Brahmagiri Hills and Srimangala.

Iruppu Falls near nagarhole national park
Iruppu Falls

The roaring water falls are dropping from a heigt of 175 Feets, situated amidst thick forest of Western Ghats

Wayanad (Kalpetta)

Kalpetta, also called as Wayanad is 50 Kilometres far from Nagarhole National Park, which can be considered as the top tourist places to visit in kerala and awesome summer gateway from Bangalore.

Wayanad near nagarhole national park

Wayanad is the place for Ancient History, With many hills around. It stands as a mark for Ancient Civilization.

Coorg (Madikeri)

Coorg is one of the best Hill Stations in Bangalore, which is 64 Kilometres away from Nagarhole National Park Entrance Gate.

Coorg near nagarhole national park

Not surprisingly, Coorg, being a popular travel destination, is also called as ‘Scotland Of India’.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace, also known as Amba Villas Palace is located in Mysore City, which is 57 Kilometres away the Park. You will enjoy the style of architecture of this old fort, which faces Chamunda Hills.

Mysore Palcae near Nagarhole National Park
Mysore Palace

Major cities to Nagarhole park

We have selected the ‘Top 10 Cities in India” and sorted out the necessary information like ‘Distance from Nagarhole National Park’ when travelled through car, ‘Mode of Travel’ etc

So the list goes like this –

  1. New Delhi is 2,385 Km away from the Nagarhole Park Entrance. NH44 and NH8 are best car routes.
  2. Mumbai is 1,106 Km away and NH8, NH50 are the decent car routes.
  3. Calcutta is in West Bengal, which is 2,090 Km away and NH16 are good highways for road travel.
  4. Bangalore is 258 Km away, NH275 is the best way.
  5. Hyderabad is 804 Km away, NH44 is fastest car road.
  6. Chennai is 594 Km far and NH8 is the best route.
  7. Ahmadabad is 1,587 Km away wherein NH8 is the finest highway.
  8. Visakhapatnam, 1,219 Km long with NH16 & NH44 are the well-laid routes.
  9. Surat is 1,374 Km away and NH8 is best and fastest road.
  10. Jaipur is almost 2,124 Km away and NH8 is the finest car route.


    • Hello Raksit, the distance between Mysore and Coorg is 106 Km. (2-3 Hours Journey) There are many tourist buses available and the ticket costs you around Rs.300/-. You can book your tickets in sites like From Coorg, Nagarhole Park is 75 Km away.

  • Please could you tell me why jeep safaris were cancelled? Is this due to safety issues with wild animals? We will be visiting on 27th December – are we guaranteed to get a place on a minibus?

    • Yes ! Jeep Safaris were cancelled due to Animal Saftey issue. MiniBus Safari is 90% guaranteed and other 10% is based on factors like Heavy Rain Fall.
      If you are much interested in jeep safari, then there is other park called ‘Bandipur National Park’ around 90 KM away from Nagarhole National Park. Elephant Safari is offered there. ( go through this link – ). Thanks 🙂

  • in the post it is mentioned that the park timings are mrng 6:00 am to 8:00 am and afternoon 4pm to 6pm… in this case, we get only 2hrs to stay at the park.. please suggest better timings to visit the park to have safari

    • Safari Timings are 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM. So you can either spend your morning in the park and go for safari in the evening (or viceversa ) Safari in the morning and Spend your evening in the park. Plan Accodingly. Thanks 🙂

  • What is there in the Park?. How much time can kids spend ? I am coming from Mysore by Car. when I check Google map, it shows, i am crossing the Nagarhole checkpost and inside the forest to reach the Park… Am i covering the Safari Or suggest to go for safari also. After park, i will travel to coorg to stay…
    Please suggest is it right way to touch Nagarhole park from Mysore to Coorg or Directly travel to coorg and spend full day in Nagar hole while returning to Mysore.

    • Hello Maharajan, Please go to the Home Page of this website to know all about the Park. There are two ways to enter the park, maybe you are stuck at Nagarhole Checkpost. Bus Safari is available at present. Spending at least 3 Hours is Ideal ( 1 Hour sightseeing + 2 hours safari ). Thanks

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