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Nagarhole National Park Safari Guide

Hey ! Welcome to Nagarhole National Park Website. In this post, we will know all about Nagarhole National Park Safari. In the last post, we have discussed the Park’s Entry fee and timings.


In a general definition, Safari means to organize a journey, to look at ( or sometimes hunt ) animals. But when it comes to the park’s context, by the word ‘Safari’, we mean to organize a bus/jeep journey deep into the park and enjoy sightseeing several types of species including elephants on the riverside, deer, bison and various types of birds and langurs too in Nagarhole Park.

Update – Jeep Safaris have been cancelled since 2016 but you can get similar experience with canter (26-seater bus).

There is no way book to Safari Online, you need to go to the park and book there. If you want to book accommodation online, they are some website for that. But anyways you will get good accommodation without any pre-booking also.

Nagarhole National Park Safari Tours

Safari in Nagarhole National Park

Okay ! Let’s know more about the safari in Nagarhole Park.

Safari Timings :

In Nagarhole, they conduct safaris couple of times a day. The first safari will be from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM ( six thirty to eight thirty in the morning ) and the second safari will be from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM ( three thirty to five thirty in the evening )

Safari Cost/Fee/Tariff :

These Safaris usually last for one hour and sometimes a few minutes more.
The Safari Cost varies from time to time. We don’t know the exact cost ( If you know, please tell us ) but for Indians, it will be around Rs.400/- per Individual and Rs.1200/- for Foreigners.

Nagarhole National Park Safaris can be cancelled by them at the last minute because of various reasons like rainfall, weather conditions, no proper supply of vehicles, drivers etc but most of the times you will come back with a happy face 🙂



Tips to enjoy your Nagarhole Safari

Most of the people are not much habituated to Safaris. So here we added few important and useful safari tips –

  1. Although Safari in Nagarhole park is for 1 or 2 Hours only, you better plan in such a way that you stay a full day at the park, there is much more to do and see in the tranquil and lush environment of Nagarhole park.
  2. If you are carrying a smartphone with you, then please open Google Maps App and keep an eye on the map, this will be really helpful to understand the bear structure of the park as well as nearest resorts and hotels.
  3. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle, Power Bank ( for your Mobile ) and avoid eating oil/junk foods on that day.
  4. Consider Purchasing a guided safari trip and enjoy your person jeep tour inside the Nagarhole National Park
  5. If you are a wildlife photographer or a travel enthusiast, then planning your trip in summer is advisable. Moreover, morning safaris in August are really cold.
  6. If you are sensitive to the sun, carry sunglasses and a good trouser too.
  7. For Economic Travelers, It’s better to complete your safari by evening and return to Mysore because Hotels in Kabani are costlier for Night stays

As usual, I hope you liked the post and if you find any of the above-mentioned information is false/outdated, please inform me and I will update it in no time 🙂

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